1974 Sophomore Portraits:

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Tanya Abreu

Pam Bryner

Karen Butler

Mike Caldwell

John Dillon

Terri Dennis

Terry Calegar

Dave Dalton

Debbie Davis

Kermit Dillon

Valerie Erickson

Rafael Gray

Ken Fitzpatrick

Pam Hall

Debbie Forrester

Chris Harley

Frank Lickliter

Kathy Fritts

Dave Herron

Jim Lindenmuth

Rick Lively

Mark Lyon

Cathy Mariani

Dede McGinnis

Marilyn Oakes

Teresa Pechachek

Karen Marsh

Joe Motz

Jeff Orgeron

Chris Powles

Linda Rymer

Mike Strickler

Carol Schacher

Floyd Stull

Barbara Schwanke

Carol Smouse

Linda Vanaman

Nancy Williams

Leslie Vincent

Patti Williams

John Wisenbaker

Carrie Wolfe

Tont Countee

Phil Young

Sandy Davis

Mike Zufelt

Cindy Moats

Chuck Bundick

Kelly Neher


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Karamursel High School 1974 Yearbook Sophomore Portraits

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