1974 Senior Portraits:

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Andrea Ballantine


Bill Schneider


Bob Rabozzi


Brenda Blankenship


Brenda Everhardt


Carol Holding


Charlie Kajawa


Cherry Holland


Cindy Williams


Dan Kuhn


Picture Removed
per request


Dave Councill


Dave McGill


Debbie Freeman


Debbie Meeks


Debbie Pechachek


Dennis Mitchell


Diane Arrington


Ed Purdham


Gene Bennett


Janice Brown


Joyce Carrier


Keith Lorree - Jean Malcolm


Keith MacGregor


Kristy Jourdan


Lisa Nolet


Louis Wisenbaker


Margaret Brock


Mary Lindenmuth


Michelle Kockler


Mike Berkshire


Mike Graham


Mike Smith


Patsy Hardin


Phil Beach


Ralph Diaz


Randy Bryner


Randy Smith


Riccardo Aliberti


Robin Bennett


Scott Maxwell


Sherry Taloney


Steve Capello


Steve Fisher


T.C. Countee


Debbie Freeman


Teresa Williams


Terri Bettis


Terry Churchill


Tony Ferriera


Traci Zbleski


Vonda Romero


Wade Odell






Karamursel 1974 Yearbook
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