1974 Juinor Portraits:

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Al Schwanke

Al Turner

Arlene Forney

Becky Rabozzi

Belinda Rodriguez

Beth Schilling

Bill Clauss

Bill Stanton

Bill White

Bill Williams

Bob Cartia

Bob Deal

Bruce Walker

Bubba Bennett

Camille Novy

Carol Bundick

Carol Head

Cathy Mitchell

Charles Robertson

Charlie Parker

Cheryl Arnold

Chico Fields

Chuck Zufelt

Cindy Eller

Dan Enloe

dave Gilbert

Debbie Calegar

Debbie Wellner

Debra Jackson

Cheryl Arnold

Debra McDorman

Denis Gallegos

Denny Dalton

Diane Crowther

Diane Romero

Dona McGinnis

Scott Brown

Ed Tinney

Elizabeth Greathouse

Gene Lee

Gina Giovannini

Glen Wagner

Greg Bennett

Jackie Brown

Jeff Spittle
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Karamursel High School 1974 Yearbook Juinor Portraits
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